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Accomodation rules Camping la Provence

as the General Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement
§ 754 Of the Civil Code:

I. Terms of accommodation agreement

  1. By the signature of the accommodated person (hereinafter referred to as guest) on the guest card there is a contract of accommodation between the guest and the operator according to § 754 et seq. Of the Civil Code under the conditions set out below and in the accommodation agreement.
  2. The accommodation is provided on a fee basis, the price for accommodation being determined according to the valid price list by agreement of both parties and confirmed by a signature on the guest card. Accomodation means the use of spaces intended for accommodation in the following areas: stables, chalets (hereinafter referred to as „accommodation spaces“).

The price for accommodation is payable at the latest at the start of the stay, unless agreed otherwise. Payment is made in cash. Payment by invoice is possible only after prior agreement with the operator.

II. Compensation for damages

  1. In the case of damage caused by the fault of the guest, the operator is entitled to claim damages, or to retain a bail or a proportional part equal to the amount of damage caused by the fault of the guest.
  2. The guest is obliged to pay any damage incurred in the premises for accommodation, in full amount, including the compensation of the lost profit in the amount of the valid accommodation price for the whole period during which the premises intended for accommodation will be decommissioned. This is the responsibility of the guest even if the children or other persons accommodated with the guest are causing the damage.

III. Guest rights and obligations

  1. The guest has the right to use the accommodation and all his equipment according to the List of provided equipment in the accommodation spaces in accordance with the principles of good management. The host is required to prevent the loss of keys, to secure them against theft. In case of loss or other misuse of keys, the guest is obliged to pay the operator a contractual fine of CZK 500. This is without prejudice to the right of the operator to claim damages.
b) The guest is required
to pay the accommodation price according to the valid price list
to properly use the premises for accommodation, to maintain order and cleanliness in all rooms to be accommodated, to bring the kitchen equipment to its original condition before the end of the stay, to properly wash the dishes and to  place them in the designated places
ensure that cleanliness is maintained in accommodation spaces
The fire must be arranged only on the designated fireplaces and responsible for extinguishing them
to protect the equipment and facilities in the premises for accommodation against damage
Ensure that beds are protected from contamination by children who are not yet able to maintain personal hygiene
Familiarize yourself with and obey the Accommodation Rules
without delay to notify the need to carry out repairs in the accommodation premises without delay to report the damage or damage caused by the guest in the premises
lock the door when the door leaves
behave from 22.00 to 06.00 so as not to disturb the other excessive noise
leave the cabin until 10.00 on the day of departure. Late check-out (no later than 12.00) must be reported by the guest day before.
c) The guest must not without the operator's consent
make substantial changes to the accommodation (move furniture, move equipment, etc.)
to remove any equipment and equipment from the premises to be accommodated
without prior notice to the operator or through his ban
Leave spaces for accommodation to another person
indicate the address of the house and the premises intended for accommodation as its place of residence
d) The guest must not
carry a weapon, ammunition and explosives or otherwise store them in a condition allowing their immediate use
to smoke indoors (chalets)

IV. The stay with pets

Pets may be accommodated in the campsite provided that the owner prove their suitable state of health on request (vaccination card). The owner is responsible for his pet throughout the stay. Price for accommodation with pets is charged according to the valid price list. The owners are obligated to ensure that the dogs do not run around the campsite freely and without muzzle. To the cottage can entry only clean and dry dog. Do not use the campsite as a toilet fot your pet! Pets are not allowed to sleep in human beds. Don't use blankets as an animal bed,

V. The vehicle and the valuables of the guest

Guest parking is possible on the parking lot in the camp.
The operator advises the guest not to leave jewelry, money, or other valuables in the premises for accommodation.

VI. Continuous cleaning

In case of longer stay, towels, bath towels and linen are changed after a week. Basic cleaning aids are in the central cleaning room. During the weekly stay, the operator does not carry out housekeeping in the accommodation. For stays longer than 1 week cleaning is done once a week on request and according to agreement.

In case of violation of the accommodation regulations, the operator may impose a fine of up to CZK 5,000 on the visitor, or excluded from the campsite without the right to a refund of paid funds for the stay.

VII.Conditions in the event of cancellation

In the case of a cancellation by the guest or the person who made the booking, during the period between the 29th day of the agreed day of arrival and the actual day of arrival, the guest is liable for payment of the following cancellation fees:

In the case of cancellation between 29 days and 20 days before the day of arrival, 30% of the agreed total price will be charged.
In the case of cancellation between 19 days and 10 days before the day of arrival, 50% of the agreed total price will be charged.
In the case of cancellation between 9 days and 3 days before the day of arrival, 75% of the agreed total price will be charged.
In the case of cancellation between 2 days before arrival or the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed total price will be charged.
The cancellation must be made in writing and must be received by the camping no later than the above named dates before the agreed day of arrival of the guest(s).
These Rules of Procedure come into effect on 1.5.2023.
We look forward to your visit and wish you a relaxing stay

Our services

ACCOMODATION We offer an accommodation in 14 cottages without sanitary facilities (a cottage has 4 separate double rooms). The use of electricity is included. You can use all the campsite facilities including toilets and showers. Please bring your own bedlinen or rent it with us.

We offer also an accommodation in our 4* family guest house where are 5 double rooms.

FOOD Own restaurant. However the reception offers small refreshments for you.
CAMP EQUIPMENT Kitchen with stove, communal dining area, electricity, washing machine, playground, fenced area, wifi access throughout the area, showers, reception, restaurant, parking, hot water, toilet, dryer
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